Marketplace AI/ML


  • Clinical analysis and drug discovery - MagicMed
  • Data Quality Engine - DQE Lite
  • Text Extraction:
    • Shadow Docs (Automatic Data Labeling, Annotation, and Documentation Forensics)
    • Open Questions & Answering systems from client data


Marketplace components

  • Uncover patterns in costumer data
  • Demand Prediction - Offer Optimization
  • Time series forecasting models
  • Enterprise Resource Planning optimization
  • Digital twins and manufacturing optimization
  • Sensors and alerts optimization
  • Employee and Customer Churn Models
  • Customer Transactional Patterns - Customer segmentation - Online/e-commerce customer analytics
  • Product Recommendation Engines
  • Sales/Purchase order analysis - invoice analysis
  • Automated Loan Underwriting and Credit Check Processes
  • Automated Customer Onboarding Tools
  • Call Center Analytics
  • Computer vision tracking & analytics for retailers (store traffic count, customer patterns & insights)
  • Predictive Maintenance from Sensor Data
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring on Deep Dark Web
  • Route optimization for transportation and last mile delivery
  • Address validation

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